Once Upon A Flight

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emma. Emma was embarking on a fantastic journey from Upstate NY to Colorado.

On her first layover, Emma decided to purchase a travel pillow in hopes that she could catch a little beauty rest on her next flight.

As she strolled through the airport, she was immersed in a sea of U shaped travel pillows. A little overwhelmed, Emma began trying them all on.

The leopard print pillow with tiny Styrofoam ball filling was too soft. The neon pink memory foam pillow was too hard, and the crushed velvet cotton filled pillow was just right, or so she thought.

It wasn’t long until Emma realized that the pillow she had purchased didn’t suit her. No matter how she positioned that poufy clamp, she couldn’t get comfortable.

U Pillow No more

Sleeping peacefully in the seat next to Emma was a beautiful blond wearing a Sky Skarf travel scarf. Emma stared in disbelief, how could it be? She looks so comfortable and still so wonderfully stylish.

After the Sky Skarf princess awoke from her slumber, Emma asked her about her scarf.


Upon touch down, Emma went to skyskarf.com and purchased her very own Sky Skarf travel scarf.

Emma became a trendsetter and flew happily ever after.


The End

Just the Beginning

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