The Story Behind Our Crowd Funding Campaign

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The Story Behind Our Crowd Funding Campaign

Sky Skarf travel scarf was born with a mission to make the travels more enjoyable by adding comfort to the often least enjoyable part your journey, the commute.

Finally, we are flight tested, approved and would be proud to accompany travelers all over the world.

As a company our mission is clear, our plan is in place and our professional support network is solid. All that we have left to do is enter the retail market, sounds easy, right? We certainly have experience and a lust for learning new things, but the funding, that’s where we are falling short. To date, we have funded Sky Skarf out of pocket and since the remaining pocket lint won’t pay for all of the upcoming expenses associated with our commitment to US manufacturing and high quality materials, we have chosen to crowd fund.

Sure we could take out a business loan and step into the market already in debt, but that’s just not ideal. The less debt we acquire, the more flexibility we have to build the company at a healthy rate and extend opportunity to people in our community.

So what is Kickstarter?

Crowd funding is an alternative method of raising capital that is quickly growing in popularity. Kickstarter is a crowd funding website among many, a few others that you may have heard of are Go Fund Me and Indiegogo.

Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites rely heavily on the power of social media and good old fashioned word of mouth to alert consumers to the latest and greatest innovations and creative ideas.

Upon reviewing the company’s crowd funding page you have the option to become a backer by making a pledge. Becoming a backer is designed to be a rewarding experience. Most commonly you will receive in exchange for your backing whatever product is being presented at a discount prior to it ever hitting the shelves. In addition, you have insight to the project as it progresses which can be both inspiring and educational.

Crowd funding is gaining momentum, but in its infancy it’s commonly misperceived as donation platform that allows companies to take “the easy way out”. The truth is, it allows you to build brand awareness and enter the market prior to having the capital needed to fund the entire project, in our case, high volume production in the US and innovative packaging.

The Sky Skarf team has worked extremely long unprofitable hours over the past two years, not only perfecting the product and business plan but also developing our crowd funding page. We have prepared a humorous video that helps people to understand just how convenient and useful the Sky Skarf travel scarf is.

Want to be one of the first to own a Sky Skarf? We hope that you will visit our campaign page and be compelled to join our team by making a pledge. You can do so by going to and searching Sky Skarf, or typing in the following URL

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