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The Sky Skarf® travel scarf is designed to provide comfort and style while traveling, or even while lounging at home. The soft, smooth fabric and plush fill will help you rest peacefully, especially when the odds are against you.

This casual blend of neutrals doesn’t demand attention, it earns it. This light weight fabric is breathable and refreshing. Your impressive level of sophistication will be amplified with this Sky Skarf travel scarf.

• The Classic Black Sky Skarf travel scarf comes in our reusable, clear zip top bag.

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CONVENIENT LUXURY– The Sky Skarf® travel scarf provides you with 70″ of soft, comforting 100% polyester American Silk fabric.

VERSATILE– Use the (8) 6″ quilted squares to fold the Sky Skarf into your desired position. See Know How page for just a few of the countless ways that you can use the Sky Skarf travel scarf.

WASHABLE– The plush 100% polyester fill is not only non-allergenic, its also washable. To remove travel grime off your Sky Skarf, please follow our easy care instructions.

COMPACT– As an added bonus, the Sky Skarf comes in a convenient zip top vinyl carrying case (7″x6.5″x3″). Use the case to store and transport your scarf, or simply roll and stow your Sky Skarf in your carry on. The quality vinyl case doubles as a travel cosmetic bag.

Made in America

~Enjoy your journey, not just the destination.~

Wishing you safe travels.